2019 Gold Rush Live Event

August 21st, 2019 is shaping up to be a historic day for gold…

“A massive trend is now underway that could make you 5 times, 10 times… maybe even 20 times your money in the coming weeks.

But only if you know what to do.”

That’s the prediction of John Doody — the gold expert whose research has been featured in The Wall Street Journal... Fortune magazine… Barron’s… MarketWatch… Forbes… Business Insider… TheStreet.com… and on CNBC.

His work is read by gold mining executives and more than 40 professional money managers — including hedge funds, mutual funds, private asset managers, and brokers all around the world.


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According to Mr. Doody:

“I have never seen a ‘perfect storm’ like this for gold in my 50-year career. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to play gold right now, with gold now in a bull market.

If you get it right, you could make a fortune. Millions, potentially.

However, if you wait on the sidelines — or, worse — don’t know the best way to play it… you will miss out on this money entirely.”

Mr. Doody — whose gold investing strategy has delivered audited gains of 530% since 2000, beating the return of gold, the returns of major gold funds, and more than tripling the S&P 500 — will be staging a massive online event on August 21st to kick off the 2019 Gold Rush.

There, he’ll show you how you can seize this incredible opportunity, which may never surface again in your lifetime.

He’ll also reveal the name of a little-known investment that he believes could soar 500% in the coming months — live.

“This one has to potential to soar 10x higher if things go exactly as I expect them to.

And I am giving away all the details on August 21st — free.”

Mr. Doody is on a first-name basis with the CEOs of all the best gold companies, who attend his private gold conference every year.

Jim Grant, publisher of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer calls him “the gold-mining authority.”

And James Turk, Founder and Chairman of GoldMoney says you could benefit from John’s thinking “whether you are new to the sector or a skilled veteran.”



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But it’s Mr. Doody’s latest prediction that is causing a stir… and which could have a huge impact on your wealth in the coming months.

In fact, he is so excited about gold’s future right now… that he is giving away more than $27,000 worth of gold, which you have a shot at winning — just for tuning in.

“One lucky viewer will win 13 MS64 St. Gaudens gold coins—currently valued at nearly $1,600 apiece.

And four other viewers will each receive 1 MS64 St. Gaudens gold coin.

But you must log in and watch on August 21st in order to win.”

To sum up, all you need to do for your chance to win more than $20,000 in FREE gold is:

Enter your email address in the box below, so we can remind you before we go live.

Log in to the 2019 Gold Rush — which will be streamed live on Aug. 21st.

If you’re randomly selected, simply provide us with the name of the free gold investment recommendation Mr. Doody is giving away during the event.

Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about how you can walk away with more than $20,000 in gold coins once you register below.

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