Instant Income Calendar Review – Is A.J.Brown New Service Legit?

The Instant Income Calendar Review
The Instant Income Calendar Review

What’s Instant Income Calendar?

The Instant Income Calendar is A.J. Brown’s new service. It claims that it’s a little known system that lets you buy stocks and earn profits of 17.6%… 24%… and 32% – even if they go down.

They serve up the targets every night on a silver platter. You simple do the final homework and pull the trigger the next morning – typically with less than 30 minutes of work per day.

If you can average returns of just 6% per month – every $1,000 in your portfolio becomes $2,012 in twelve months. It would potentially be $4,048 in two years.

After 5, it’s $32,987. And, after 10?

You’d be looking at $1,088,187!

On a $75,000 account – you’d potentially pull out $75,914 in income in a year. With results like that – your bills, debts and other financial problems would vanish.

All thanks to The Instant Income Calendar.

Instant Income Calendar Covered Call Scanner is giving us trades like:

A potential 17.6% return on Barnes & Noble (BKS) in 18 days.

A potential 20% return on QEP Resources (QEP) in 23 days.

A potential 21.7% return on Boyd Gaming Corporation (BYD) in 18 days.


A potential 31.5% return on Darling Ingredients (DAR) in 22 days.

Doesn’t a stock have to go UP to profit?


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Well – not necessarily. With The Instant Income Calendar – you can buy a stock and profit if it goes up – stays flat – or even if it goes down a bit. You can have trades like…

A 21% return on Ceasars Entertainment in 20 days when the stock traded up.

A 12% return on St Joes in 120 days when the stock treaded water.


A 17% return on Community Health in 81 days when the stock dumped.

AND you can have them served up to you EVERY morning.

Find Out How

Who’s A.J.Brown?

Instant Income Calendar Review
Instant Income Calendar Review

Trading Trainer was founded in 2003 and released to the public in 2005 by A.J. Brown. Their goal at Trading Trainer is to teach regular people, traders, and investors alike how to safely become better and smarter at trading stocks and options. Students develop a subtle understanding of market trends, allowing them to transform their portfolio into a consistent income stream.

Back in 2003, A.J. Brown developed a Foundation for inner city kids to help them get a handle on their finances and get ahead by trading options. He then realized that he needed to have a way to support this non-profit organization that he was so passionate about. Less than a year later Trading Trainer was born. All the profits from Trading Trainer go towards the Foundation.


Blueprint for Options Success



Whenever The Three Option Triggers Strike – We Earn Profits of 366.55%… 738.31%… Or More!


What you gonna get for your money with Instant Income Calendar?

The Instant Income Calendar

The Instant Income Calendar Covered Call Screener Software

  • Get 2-6 Covered Call Opportunities In Your Inbox Every Day.
  • We tell you exactly which Stock / Call / Put to enter each position.
  • With one click – get all the research you need to “greenlight” your trade

Monthly Instant Income Calendar Trading Webinar

  • Hop on a live call with me EVERY month to get fresh strategy and advice.
  • You can ask ANY questions you have about the protocol OR the market
  • PLUS – you get ALL of the webinars I’ve hosted since 2010.

Instant Income Calendar Online Video Training + DVD

Intro Video: The Instant Income Calendar Online Tool Introduction

Video #1: A.J. Brown Researches a Covered Call

Video #2: A.J. Brown Executes a Covered Call

Video #3: A.J. Brown Reveals the Results of His Covered Call Strategy

Video #4: A.J. Brown Reveals How He Transformed a 4% ROI into a Double-Digit Return

Video #5: How A.J. Milked an Amazing 44% ROI Out of a Mediocre Trade

Video #6: How A.J. Has Pushed ROI on His Covered Call to More Than 50%

Video Q&A #1 A.J. Brown answers questions about The Instant Income Calendar and Covered Calls.

Video Q&A #2 A.J. Brown and Paulie Sabol answer questions about The Instant Income Calendar.

Case Study: How Paulie Sabol used The Instant Income Calendar to make up to 23% per month.

Access To The Community Forums

You’ll have unlimited access to The Instant Income Calendar community. Inside you’ll find other traders like you – all working toward the same goal – with the same system.

You can rely on your new “trade partners” for support, advice and encouragement.

On-Going Trading Support

If you’re stuck or confused about ANYTHING – reach out. If you can’t get something to work properly – open a ticket. They will get your problem solved fast.

Visit Official Instant Income Calendar Website Here

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