NASDAQ Titans Trading System – What do you get for your money?

Over the last 83 months, this strategy has averaged 109.6% per year.
Enough to turn every $10,000 into $2.99 million…
That’s a 299x pop!

Really? Do these guys think we believe these kind of figures?

Read on to see exactly what we found out.

What do you get for your money?

If you take action and join NASDAQ Titans trading group today…

With your membership you’ll get…

  • Bi-weekly trade Entry and Exit emails that will let you know exactly which NASDAQ stocks to rotate into for maximum profits every two weeks.
  • These email are always sent out the night BEFORE our entry is scheduled, so you’re never left scrambling to place your trades.
  • A members area with a complete history of ALL past trades so you can back test the Forbidden Number Pattern performance for yourself.
  • Daily coaching updates on ALL open positions – with fresh market insight and analysis so you’ll know exactly what to expect from each trade.
  • Roger takes 3-4 hours per day putting these together – it’s like getting daily one on one coaching from one of the world’s top hedge fund managers.
  • You’ll use this insight to identify which stocks have the most option trading potential for gains up to 5-600% in precisely two weeks.
  • When you have this vital intel in your hands – your trading confidence will soar, and you’ll find yourself playing the market like a pro!

Click here to watch this video that explains all the details

This is the easiest trading program you’ll ever follow.

We trade precisely once every two weeks.

You open Todd’s email the night before – then you place your trade when the markets open in the morning.

Two weeks later we do it again.

Can you trade NASDAQ Titans for income?

While Titan was designed as an equity growth strategy — the short term returns it generates are so strong that “YES” — you absolutely can. Here are the facts…

With a $50,000 account, you potentially could expect to pull $64,900 per year out of your account in an average year. That would work out to $5,408 per month.

Start Earning Income Now

What’s the minimum account size needed to trade?

Because we’re only trading stocks and a single — highly liquid — ETF… there really aren’t any formal account minimums. You’re not trading on margin or using leverage of any kind.

That means you can technically trade with as little as $1,000.

You could very comfortably trade with an $5-10,000 account.

Plus – when we’ve averaged 2.298x account growth per year – your current account size is kind of irrelevant. Because there’s a good chance you’ll at least double it in 12 months.

Start Growing Immediately

How risky is the NASDAQ Titans method?

Everyone wants big upside. Very few are comfortable with big potential downside. When you see bold profit numbers — you can usually guess that the risk level is equally high.

With Titans, that’s actually not true.

The system has never had a drawdown or loss greater than 8% between new highs. That’s an $800 loss on a $10,000 account — which compares very favorably to the S&P.

Since 2010 – when this strategy became possible – the S&P 500 has had dips of 8%… 9%… 16%… and even 17%… or more than double our biggest ever loss.

That makes this strategy remarkably safe.

Get Started Today 

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