The Stock Market Escape Summit

Next Wednesday, February 27th, at 8 pm (ET), former money manager E.B. Tucker is teaming up with Doug Casey to put on our biggest event of the year.

It’s called The Stock Market Escape Summit, and you’re invited to attend for FREE.


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Here’s why you should do everything you can to be there…

During this event, E.B. and Doug will discuss a group of securities that I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of before.

We call them “Premium Shares.”

And as you’ll see, they offer perks you don’t get from common stock, preferred shares, and even options.

Let me show you what I mean…

Back in 2016, Bank of America went on a major run. Its stock jumped 114% in just a few months—a huge return.


Its Premium Shares skyrocketed much higher. They delivered rare and exceptional gains of 2,376%.

Had you owned them, you could have turned $1,000 into $24,000 in a matter of months.

Isn’t that amazing?

This is one of the biggest, most well-known companies in America. Most people have no idea that they could have invested in it a slightly different way… and made a quick fortune.

The same thing happened with a little-known power company called Vistra Energy.

Over a six-month period in 2017, its common stock went up 20%. Regular shareholders made a solid gain.

But had you owned Premium Shares instead, you could have made an amazing 620% in just 6 months.

Just to be clear, these gains had nothing to do with options… and they came without putting a single cent in the company’s stock.

The only way you could have booked these massive gains is with Premium Shares.

And these are just a few examples. During our research, we’ve found Premium Shares that soared no matter which way the market was going…

The Stock Market Escape Summit - Premium Shares

Can you see why we’re so excited to show you how to start using them?

They offer you the chance to make ten times bigger gains than you would with options — without all the headaches.

You don’t need any special permissions to use them. You don’t need a margin account.

You can trade them using an existing brokerage account, and you can get started with as little as $10.

Here’s what to do right now…

Until recently, Premium Shares were largely unavailable to everyday investors.

Insiders loved them… but there were no exchanges where everyday investors could easily trade them.

Even today, you won’t find much information about them on Yahoo Finance.

But the team at Casey Research has been using them for years. Doug’s personally made millions with them.

And for the first time, we’re showing you how to start trading them too.

The event takes place next Wednesday, February 27th at 8 pm (ET).

Join us on Wednesday, February 27, at 8 pm ET.

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