Timed Stocks Accelerated: Jeff Brown Answers All Of Your Questions

Considering the discounted offer to join Jeff Brown Timed Stocks research service for over $2,500 off will expire tonight at midnight, I want to share Jeff Brown’s answers to your questions about Timed Stocks: Accelerated below. That way, you can decide whether joining before tonight’s deadline is a good idea for you, personally.

Timed Stocks Accelerated: Jeff Brown Answers All Of Your Questions

Question 1: How much money is recommended to invest in “Timed Stocks”?

“Timed Stocks” — at least, the ones I recommend in Early Stage Trader — are tiny, tiny companies. They trade for dollars a share. So you can invest with as little as $100. Or you can put in $2,500-$5,000 or more. It’s whatever is best for you. Just don’t bet the farm on any one trade. Be rational.

The important part is “Timed Stocks” are so explosive, you can be $142,000 richer in the coming weeks. Starting with my #1 Accelerated Timed Stock, set to spike on July 30, at 8:30 am.

You’ll get all the details on that — including its name and ticker symbol — free, when you join Early Stage Trader before the deadline.




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Question 2: How do you know when to buy and sell?

Simple. When we recommend a new “Timed Stock” in Early Stage Trader, you’ll get a buy alert sent straight to your email. This will include the buy up to price.

When the stock is at or near its peak, we send you a profit sell alert. So you’ll know exactly when to sell for potentially massive gains. There’s no guess work. Our members can attest to that.

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Question 3: How do I get the name and ticker symbol of your #1 Accelerated Timed Stock, before it’s set to spike on July 30, at 8:30 am?

You’ll find all the details on it — including its name and ticker symbol — in a report my team and I just put together. It’s called, The #1 Accelerated Timed Stock: Your Start To Being $142,000 Richer In The Coming Weeks.

This report is yours, free — along with The Timed Stock Retirement Blueprint, and Timed Stock Power Plays — when you join Early Stage Trader before the deadline. (There are some other bonuses as well, which you’ll see when you click the link below.)


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Question 4: You said I could make $142,000 from in the coming weeks, thanks to this Timed Stocks Acceleration Phase. Starting with your #1 Accelerated Timed Stock, set to spike on July 30 at 8:30 am. How did you get to that $142k figure?

The $142,000 figure is based off simple logic:

During the Timed Stocks Acceleration Phase, just ONE Accelerated Timed Stock — like Portage Biotech — could’ve turned $5,000 into $4.2 million.

If my #1 Accelerated Timed Stock — set to spike on July 30, at 8:30 am — soars just a sliver of that, you could turn $5,000 into $142,000 — or more. From one Timed Stock. My #1 Accelerated Timed Stock.

Now, is that a sure thing?

Is it guaranteed that my #1 Accelerated Timed Stock can turn $5,000 into $142,000 or more?

No. Of course not. Especially if you don’t get in before its timer hits zero on July 30, at 8:30 am.

But if you put $5,000 into multiple Timed Stocks — the ones I recommend in Early Stage Trader — it becomes much more likely to make that $142,000.

So that’s how I got to the $142,000 figure. My #1 Accelerated Timed Stock could turn $5,000 into $142,000, starting July 30 at 8:30 am. But even if it doesn’t, you can still make $142,000 off multiple Timed Stocks.

There’s over a dozen ticking down in the Early Stage Trader model portfolio right now. Based off over 87,600 hours of backtested market data, if you put just $5,000 into each, you could make $142,000 in the coming weeks.

And, considering what you’ve told me with what you would do with that money, it would come in pretty handy. Pay your kids tuition. Pay off your mortgage. Buy a home on the Florida coast, retired. Among other responses (thanks for sending those in, by the way).


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Question 5: What happened to the Timed Stocks you’ve recommended so far in Early Stage Trader?

They’ve made people reported profits of “$74,300 before breakfast,” “close to $300k,” and gains so large, one reader almost fell out of his chair because he’s “never done so well in a day.”*

Yes, those are direct quotes.


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Question 6: When will the Timed Stocks Acceleration Phase end, and what happens after?

I don’t know when the acceleration phase will end. And, quite frankly, I don’t care.

Because the important part is, it’s happening. And it’s happening right now.

Right now, as we speak, the gains are getting bigger than ever before (up to 84,900%). They’re coming faster than ever before (in as little as a day). And they’re happening more often than ever before (179 in the past few weeks alone).

Right now, you can profit off it. And be a potential $142,000 richer in the coming weeks. Starting with my #1 Accelerated Timed Stock, set to spike on July 30, at 8:30 am.

And when it does end — which could be in a year or longer — all that means is Timed Stocks will return to “typical” gains. Up to 23,200% in a day, instead of up to 84,900% in a day. Of course, gains like that are rare and not to be expected. But that’s still 2.5x more than you could’ve made from buying Bitcoin at $100.



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Question 7: Can I purchase these stocks through my broker?

Yes. You can buy “Timed Stocks” like you do any ordinary stock. Whether it’s through your broker, or an online brokerage account, doesn’t matter. You can still get in well before the “Timed Stocks” we recommend in Early Stage Trader take off a potential 1,000%+.

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Question 8: Can we get into “Timed Stocks” if we are international?

Yes. See explanation to question 7 above.

Question 9: Is this an options service?

No. In Early Stage Trader, our primary focus is recommending shares in stocks. Holding them until their shares take off a potential 1,000%+. And then selling at their peak. That is the goal. Options — what we call “power plays” — are an “if you want to” type of thing. We do recommend them from time to time, but they are optional. And you can still make a lot of money — $142,000 in the coming weeks — even if you hate options.


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Question 10: I’m a subscriber to the Near Future Report and/or Exponential Tech Investor. Is this included in my membership?

It is not.

The Near Future Report focuses on large-cap stocks set to benefit from a major trend.

Exponential Tech Investor focuses on small and micro cap tech stocks on the verge of exponential growth.

Early Stage Trader is all about finding “Timed Stocks”… usually micro-caps… with the potential to soar 1,000%+.

The paydays are potentially much more lucrative than Near Future Report. With the potential to come much faster than Exponential Tech Investor (in as little as a day).

It’s not for everyone. It’s best suited for people who are ready to take their investing to the next level. And want to be a potential $142,000 richer in the coming weeks. Starting with my #1 Accelerated “Timed Stock,” set to spike July 30, at 8:30 am.

Alright, that answers the top questions you sent in.

Please remember you only have a very short time frame to join Early Stage Trader for $2,500 off.

So I recommend you join now. Even if you’re still unsure.

Because your membership is backed by my triple guarantee (more on that here).

And you’ll be able to get $100,000’s in “Timed Stock” research for free. Including my #1 Accelerated Timed Stock, set to spike on July 30 at 8:30 am. The Timed Stock Retirement Blueprint. Timed Stock Power Plays. And two special bonuses I didn’t get to cover in Wednesday event.

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