Why forex traders get bad info

If you’re a forex trader then you should know: The heads of international banks, top hedge fund managers and pro traders in the currency markets LAUGH OUT LOUD at 99% of what passes for “forex trader education” out there today.

I can tell you because I’ve been a forex trader and hedge fund manager for a decade in The City, London’s version of Wall Street.

Now, I don’t know the lifestyle you’re looking to achieve from your trading. Maybe it’s the freedom to make money at any time, from anywhere.

The chance to make the income to have that luxury lifestyle top traders enjoy – the vacations, cars, and all that. Or maybe it’s just to finally be in a position to be debt-free and enjoy more time with your family.

I don’t know, but what I do know is that 98.3% of forex traders lose money consistently because of ONE SIMPLE THING.

One thing that is easily avoidable. I’ve put together a completely FREE interactive Forex training program. It’s based on how professional forex traders actually trade.


For 99.9% of Americans, the weekend is a time we all SPEND money, not earn it.

But famous trader Tim Sykes has uncovered a brand-new way of MAKING profits like $8,780, $9,100 and even $15,820 on the weekends…

Without doing any kind of busywork.

Set Up Your Payday Here

I’ll show you a trading tactic so powerful it gives you the ability to take profits at will – literally overnight. This one tactic -something you never hear about from all these amateur forex gurus – could turn you from failing trader to profitable trader in a day.

Again, this is completely free.

Please note: I personally conduct this live training and at the end hold a live Q&A Session.

I urge you to attend live and ask any questions you have at the end of the hour-long training. I will send a replay but you won’t be able to ask questions at that point. You must click the link to register now because my webinar service limits how many people may call in live and we are already filling up.


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